Few people enjoy conversations about rules, but we all know how important they are. Imagine trying to play baseball if the pitcher decides the strike zone! Without rules, we don’t have sports (that is so hard to write) and many other good things in life.

This week, our teachers took time to establish clear rules and guidelines for behavior in the classroom. Students might not enjoy this as much as an afternoon stroll on Instagram, but rules serve us well by outlining what life on campus should be like.

As we put First Things First this year, it’s even more important that our students consider what life in God’s Kingdom is like. What is the Lord’s greatest rule or law? Interestingly, when Jesus answered this question in Matthew 22:37, He didn’t say “don’t do this” or “stay away from that.” Jesus explained to the Pharisees (the ultimate rule followers) that life in the Kingdom is ruled by a deep, everlasting, and unquenchable love for God. In simple terms, Jesus tells us that we must love God. The other important do’s and don’ts can wait – “Love God,” Jesus said.

At The First Academy, we work hard to expose your children to truths that will ignite a love for God. This might be through a complex mathematical formula, poetry, or a Bible study on Matthew 6:33. But in the end, we desire students to grow in their love for God – and by doing this, they’ll experience and obey the greatest law of the Kingdom.