While most of us use phone apps everyday, few of us have had to opportunity to see their own app in the Apple App Store. That’s the case with The First Academy student Brennen Fountain. Brennen acquired an interest in coding at the age of 14, conveniently approximately the same time Apple’s Swift programming language came out. Brennen started with the basics and spent time learning how to code using videos on Lynda.com. With the start of AP Computer Science Brennen’s coding skills were sharpened.

I got back into it last year because I took Mr. Harrison’s AP Computer Science class. Taking that class was the best school decision I’ve ever made because it reignited my love for programming and revealed to me what I want to study in college. I spent most of my time last year solving programming problems and learning different languages.

Furthermore, the AP Computer Science course helped Brennen gain recognition by local corporations and ultimately landed him a full-time internship. During the internship Brennen was able to gain invaluable experience perfect for his resume and future job prospects.

[I was able to participate in a competition at UCF and another] was at Lockheed Martin. After the competition at Lockheed Martin, I got an IT internship with them over the summer. Only 2 other high schoolers were able to work there last summer.

After improving his coding skills at Lockheed Brennen spent countless writing Swift on his own pet project Flip to Fit. Flip to Fit, a strategy-puzzle game, takes design cues from Tetris with an entirely new set of mechanics. In total, the game has 48 levels designed to challenge the beginner and expert puzzle lover.

Flip 2 Fit for iOS

Best yet, the block based puzzle game is free for users on iOS and compatible with both the iPad and iPhone. Check out Flip to Fit on the App Store today.

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