How an Early Start at Private School Accelerates Learning

An early start is a strong start at The First Academy. Students who begin their academic journey at TFA’s Lower School perform with notable achievement in their Middle and Upper School years. So what makes the difference? The First Academy is a school like no other. Beginning in Lower School, there is an unparalleled balance of accelerated academics and Christian leadership in a loving, safe environment. Current and prospective families alike can benefit from knowing what creates such strong growth.

After a year in our Kindergarten program, the majority of our Lower School students score above the 80th percentile on nationally normed reading and math standardized testing. We are bar setters not only in Central Florida but across the nation.”

– Jennifer Jackson, Lower School Principal

The Lower School curriculum is differentiated and faith-based. Our students are taught and nurtured by experienced early childhood teachers with the hearts of a servant. We provide diversified cultural and Christian perspectives and truly believe that each and every child in created in the image of God. Standardized testing plays an appropriate role in the classroom. It does not drive what is taking place on a day-to-day basis. The levels and needs of the students are the driving force behind those decisions. Instruction is child-focused and there is a balance of academic, motor, social, and spiritual development in the classroom.

Our Lower School students have abundant opportunities in both Athletics and the Fine Arts. These extra curricular offerings allow students to explore the gifts, talents, and interests given to them by God in a safe and friendly environment. Our teachers and coaches go beyond the mechanics of the skill or sport and focus on nurturing Godly character through the arts and athletics. Young, talented athletes have the opportunity to experience camps with Varsity coaches, and go on to play on JV and Varsity teams as Middle School students.

Our students score higher on college achievement tests. This notable success is directly linked to their time at The First Academy. After one year, all students show dramatic growth. The amazing growth happens over several years.”

– Dr. Shayne Grove, Upper School Principal

Our students are connected to the supportive school community experience at a young age. Lower School students celebrate and engage with Middle and Upper School at the Homecoming festivities, service projects, and Chapels throughout the year. Our campus is a community neighborhood. In a time when children play less in their neighborhoods, our students can be seen playing and engaging with one another throughout campus daily.

High School Student Reading to Lower School Student in the Library

We look to the future as a School Family. Lower School students are purposefully prepared for the rigor of college-prep academics awaiting them in Middle and Upper School. With a stellar record of Top 30 college acceptances, dual enrollment, and concurrent courses, our youngest Royals gain the skills needed for future achievement success. The heart and mind are prepared simultaneously. Discipline is faith-based and redemptive in nature to allow for both love and limits. Our Lower School teachers focus on reaching and impacting the heart to grow students socially and emotionally.

Our students are Stronger Together from Preschool through graduation. The more time spent at The First Academy, the more love they receive, and the more successful they become. Our school family provides a strong start for all Royals, big and small.

Written by Dr. Steve D. Whitaker, Head of School

Get an Early Start

We have the data showing statistically the longer your student is enrolled at The First Academy, the higher their academic performance, so if your student isn’t already enrolled – take the next step and reach out to our Admissions team. They are available to answer any questions you have and gladly extend an invite to join us on campus for a tour.

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