What a Grade Level did you start at The First Academy? 

2nd grade


What were the reasons you or your parents chose The First Academy? 

My dad started working here as a football coach and guidance counselor.


Are you involved in extracurricular activities? If so, what are they and have you received awards in these activities? (These can be affiliated with TFA or outside of school) 

Upper School President, Varsity Volleyball Captain, Volleyball State Champion, Comfort Club President, Chaplain, Blue Crew, Wounded Warriors, S.A.L.T. Member, Dance Marathon Captain.


Which colleges have you applied to and which ones have you been accepted to thus far?

I have applied to Auburn, Alabama, University of Florida, Florida State, UCF, Clemson, Samford, and Rollins. I have been accepted by Alabama, Auburn, and Samford so far.


What do you plan to study in college and what are your long-term career goals?

I’m not positive on my goals past college, but I know I want to work with children! Probably in either the Dentistry or Speech Pathology field.


Have you received any college scholarships? If so, which ones? (Or, which ones are you currently nominated for)

I have applied for many different scholarships but haven’t heard back from places yet. I have received merit and GPA based scholarships from Alabama so far.


Who are some of your favorite TFA teachers, and why? These can be K4-12.

Mrs. Oswald because she’s quirky and hilarious like me and I love being able to relate to her inside and outside the classroom. Mr. Harvey because he is one of the most unique and selfless people I have ever met, from his service in the military to his reasons behind his crazy clothing choices. Mrs. Damron because she is reserved and wise and I enjoy getting to know her as a person more, as well as learning from her about our nation’s history.


In one sentence, what did being a student at The First Academy mean to you?

Being a student at The First Academy means finding long lasting friendships, a family, and a community.


How has TFA made a difference in, or impacted your life?

TFA has impacted me by stretching me to become a better leader by providing me with opportunities to grow my leadership abilities and develop my character.


Do you feel that The First Academy has prepared you for life after graduation?

Yes, I believe my time at TFA has prepared me and set a foundation for me so I am firmly rooted in my faith as I go off to college.


What is your favorite memory at TFA?

My favorite memory at TFA was the Senior Retreat! The time spent bonding with my grade was extremely encouraging and I loved getting to know people better.


How have you grown in your walk with Christ since coming to TFA?

TFA has given me a platform to share my faith and disciple others, which kept me accountable to stay intentional in my walk. TFA also surrounded me with many friends who were also grounded in their faith that sharpened me and kept me accountable.


What was one spiritual insight you gained at TFA that has impacted your life the most?

I learned to be kind to everyone because no matter the face people put on, most everyone has or is going through something so it is best to choose to be kind.