Between Language Arts and Yearbook, Mrs. Michele Smith has a busy schedule. Her career started as a reporter at a small television station in Birmingham; after working the ranks and become an Anchor, Mrs. Smith took a job with WKMG as a Meteorologist. Ten years of long hours, intense deadlines, and grown kids prompt her to look into a change of career. Michele took a teaching position with Olympia High School instructing Intensive Reading. Mrs. Smith then joined The First Academy in 2013.

Michelle enjoys technology and believes cooperative learning is the future. Programs such as iBooks allow her students to download their required reading onto their iPad. Students have instance access to their material without carrying heavy books on campus. Her ‘Smart’ Epson Board technology keeps students engaged on new and difficult material. Language Arts lessons are built through Pathbrite, a software allowing recording, streaming, and manipulation oMicheleSmithAndDaughterf lessons online.

As Yearbook Coordinator, Mrs. Smith uses Josten’s Yearbook Software to design the yearbook’s look and feel. This suite of software includes, a school photo sharing site, allowing users to send pictures and media to the yearbook student staff. Jostens provides an interesting and exciting way for students to document the school year and build their yearbook. When offline, students keep access to their media using Photos (formerly iPhoto), a great way to store and manipulate photos.

Mrs. Smith enjoys integrating Technology with Biblical materials throughout her Language Arts curriculum. GloBible helps parallel book characters with Biblical figures. Through the arising discussions, it seems students enjoy these connections.

Michelle has a degree in Psychology and Journalism from the University of South Florida. She also studied Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. When not working, Michelle loves exercising and is an avid USF fan! Want to strike a conversation with Mrs. Smith? Just ask her about the weather!