Upper School Visual Arts students are decking the halls… and WALLS! The First Academy’s Chapter of National Art Honor Society was again invited by Vintage Realty to paint their office wall in downtown Windermere. NAHS Students spent a week transferring an image to the twelve-foot-high wall, between waves of ‘Jingle Bell rock’ inspiring their inner dancers! Drivers passing by shouted ‘Go TFA!’ and ‘Looks Great!’, and people out for a stroll stopped to chat and take photos.

A city tradition, the Christmas Mural has become an anticipated part of festivities, gaining media attention even as it is being created. It will be displayed November 19, at ‘Light Up Windermere’, a community event with food trucks, music, and other activities. Each year, businesses and the community partner to celebrate the season, and capture their family Christmas card photo in front of the mural.

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society at TFA is to inspire and recognize students with God-given artistic ability, and to bring Art Education to the attention of the school and community. Colors and forms, lines and textures, balance, movement, and space, combine for a beautiful statement of what it is to be created and living in the image of God. Their goal is to give back to the world the same elements of beauty that they, as artists, take from it. They strive to create beauty with their talents, character, and endeavors. Psalm 19:1 Heavens declare the glory of God; skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Upper School NAHS students were not the only ones who put paint to plaster recently. This fall, a new tradition began with National Junior Honor Society Chapter members painting a mural on TFA’s campus, located outside of the new Kitchen & Dining space.  NJAHS’ goal is to develop student artistic growth at our Middle School level. This year, they were presented with the opportunity to paint a 12’x12’ wall of The Gathering’, a space used by students for lunch and social events. The mural was a success, and students are very proud of their artistic voice at their school.

“Heavens declare the glory of God; skies proclaim the work of His hands.” – Psalm 19:1