At what grade level did you start at The First Academy?

I started attending The First Academy in ninth grade.

What were the reasons you or your parents chose The First Academy?

My three older sisters went to TFA for high school and they all loved it and were well prepared for college.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities? If so, what are they and have you received awards in these activities? (These can be affiliated with TFA or outside of school)

I have participated in the plays all four years at TFA. I am also a middle school small group leader for my church.

Which colleges have you applied to and which ones have you be accepted to thus far? (Please include if you have made a decision to attend a certain college next year)

I have applied/am applying to UF, Florida Southern, Stetson University, Samford, and UNF. I have been accepted to Florida Southern and Stetson University.

What do you plan to study in college and what are your long-term career goals?

As of right now, I am interested in studying and pursuing middle school education.

Have you received any college scholarships? If so, which ones? (Or, which ones are your currently nominated for)

I have received the Gordon College Scholarship, the Danforth Scholarship (for Florida Southern), and merit-based scholarship for Stetson University.

Who is/are your favorite TFA teacher(s), and why? (Teachers can be K4-12)

This is a hard question because I have appreciated and loved every teacher I have had. I am very thankful for the care and love Coach Oliver showed us students. I also loved the personal experience and skill Mr. Kowars used to teach us. I am amazed by the intelligence of all of my teachers and am thankful for every one of them!

How has TFA made a difference in, or impacted your life?

TFA has impacted my life by giving my sisters and me the opportunity to learn in a place where God is the center and the teachers are very caring and loving.

How do you feel that The First Academy has prepared you for life after graduation?

TFA has prepared me to try to be the best I can be, in and out of school. The First Academy has given me the opportunity and the atmosphere to grow and develop skills that will help me later in life.

What does it mean to you to be a The First Academy alumni?

I will be sad to be a TFA alumnus because that means my time there has ended, but I will always be thankful and proud of the education and friendships I made.