What grade level did you start at The First Academy? 



What were the reasons you or your parents chose The First Academy? 

My dad and I chose The First Academy over another school for multiple reasons. It is an amazing school that gives its students a great education and rare opportunities. It is also geared to prepare its students for college. Not only is it one of the best schools educationally but it is also a school that strengthens its students’ relationship with the Lord.


Are you involved in extracurricular activities? If so, what are they and have you received awards in these activities? (These can be affiliated with TFA or outside of school) 

During my years at TFA I have been a part of the Royal Ambassadors Committee and the Outreach Committee. I played JV soccer during my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I am the president of the Science National Honor Society and National Chinese Honor Society. I am the senior Environmental Committee leader this year. I am also the secretary of the National Honor Society. I am a part of Mu Alpha Theta at school and other clubs that the school offers.


Which colleges are you planning to apply to or have you applied to thus far?

I have applied to the University of Florida and Northeastern University. I plan to apply to more colleges in the New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania areas, such as Boston University and New York University.


What do you plan to study in college and what are your long-term career goals? 

I plan to major in either Biology or Neuroscience. I may also minor in Mandarin (Chinese language and culture). My long term goal is to complete medical school in order to become a neurosurgeon. After that I would love to go on mission trips and help perform surgeries free of cost; this is the way I hope and dream to give back to my community.


Who are some of your favorite TFA teachers, and why? These can be K4-12.

I love all of the staff and teachers at TFA, but if I had to pick I would say my favorites are Mrs. Oswald, Ms. Pierre, and Mr. Manning. Mrs. Oswald is an amazing teacher and mentor. She is always there for her students, whether it is staying after for help for her class or personal advice. She has become someone I look up to. Ms. Pierre is also another influential teacher at TFA. She was my teacher for 2 years ( Chem Honors and AP Chem). She is also an amazing teacher that made me fall in love in the subject (even though I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it at the beginning of the year). She has been such a great mentor by showing her strong, solid faith to all of her students. She has guided me and strengthened my relationship with God. Mr. Manning is also an amazing teacher. He took my simple Mandarin vocabulary knowledge and helped me get to AP Mandarin my Junior year of high school. He was the teacher that sparked my interest in the Chinese language and culture. I am so interested in this subject that I am writing my senior thesis based on this and am considering minoring in it. All of these teachers amaze/inspire me everyday with their eagerness to teach and help their students. They find ways to connect their respective subjects to God and it reminds me that everything goes back to Him.


In one sentence, what did being a student at The First Academy mean to you? 

Being a student at TFA means being a respectful, honest, and hard-working leader and mentor to my fellow peers and underclassman.


How has TFA made a difference in, or impacted your life? 

TFA has given me opportunities that I would have never received in other schools. TFA has given me an amazing education with the help of caring teachers. I am forever thankful for this school and God because attending TFA has allowed me to have a more personal relationship with the Lord. I have been able to flourish and become the best student leader I can be here. I have been given the tools in order to succeed in college and in life.


Do you feel that The First Academy has prepared you for life after graduation? 

TFA has definitely prepared me for life after graduation. The teachers and staff have been great mentors. They have prepared me in order to not only succeed in my college curriculum but also in my faith during these next years.


What is your favorite memory at TFA? 

My favorite memories are times with my friends and also soccer memories. I loved playing with the girls on the team and miss those days.


How have you grown in your walk with Christ since coming to TFA? 

Before coming to TFA, I did not have a personal relationship with God. Here, I was able to strengthen my faith and learn more that I did not know through the Bible classes offered at school.


What was one spiritual insight you gained at TFA that has impacted your life the most? 

One spiritual insight that I have gained is the importance of spending some time to read devotions/the word by yourself. It is easy to just get caught up in life and forget/not make time for quality time with God. It is nice sometimes to just read a devotional on your own. Most of the time, the times when we are “busy” is when we need it the most.


What does the school year theme, “Stronger Together,” mean to you and how have you incorporated in your day to day life this year? 

The theme this year has helped me realize that working together with others is very important. It demonstrates that one person can not do everything alone. Working together with a group of people allows for the implementation of multiple talents and gifts given to us by God. I have learned this through participation in leadership at school.