Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

Over the past several months, our school community examined what the Gospel teaches about race and ethnicity. The events of the fall challenged us institutionally and saddened me personally. In response, we assembled five Diversity Teams to identify areas in which we needed to grow. I am grateful for the investment made by each team member and encouraged by the desire I have seen across campus to understand and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that strengthens the fabric of our community.

This is a remarkable school full of remarkable people – and we continue to experience God’s incredible favor. In fact, more than 25 students have trusted Jesus since the school year began. Praise the Lord!

As we move forward, you’ll notice a new page on The First Academy website that provides information concerning the important value of diversity. Items on the new page include a formal statement on diversity, future action steps, guiding principles, and various other resources. You can visit this new page by clicking HERE.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your family at The First Academy. Our team is committed to building a school that reflects the love, diversity, grace, and inclusivity that Jesus modeled during his earthly ministry. God is at work among us, and I’m confident that our best days are ahead.

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