Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Monday, September 18- Friday, September 22 Fall Student Assessments
  • Tuesday, September 19 Preschool Parent Sunshine Committee (9:15am)
  • Wednesday, September 27 See-You-At-The-Pole 
  • Thursday, September 28 & Friday, September 29 Community Helper Day
  • Monday, October 2-Friday, October 6  Fall Parent Conferences
  • Wednesday, October 4  3’s Chapel With Pastor Derrick
  • Monday, October 9  No School (TFA Preschool Staff Development Day)
  • Thursday, October 12 Green Meadow’s Field Trip (2’s & 3’s Only)
  • Monday, October 16-Friday, October 20  Homecoming Week
  • Tuesday, October 17 Preschool Parent Sunshine Committee (9:15am)
  • Tuesday, October 17 &  Wednesday, October 18 Black & White Picture Day
  • Thursday, October 19 & Friday, October 20 “Donuts With My Dad”

Message From Mrs. Grayson Merritt,  Preschool Principal

This week during our Preschool Parent Open House, I shared with our parents a little insight as to why our daily routine of Conscious Discipline and our school family greeting.  I have highlighted below the “why” as to why we think it is important as well as each step of the routine.


School Family Greeting (Conscious Discipline)

Every morning at 9:15am, our 2’s and 3’s classes gather together for a daily ritual known as our Preschool School Family Greeting.  Miss Grayson leads this time with our school friends and staff to help wake up our brains and to ensure that the students are regulated and ready to learn!  Research by Dr. Becky Bailey has brain-based proof that in order for children to be successful and ready to learn, their behavior state must be calm and regulated.  Research also tells us that children learn best when the behavior expectation is communicated to them daily (since the brain is pattern seeking) as well as often.  It takes our brains 30 days doing the same routine to learn a new habit.

Our goal as a staff for this time together is not only to help regulate our school friends but to also develop a sense of connection with them so that they build relationships and trust with not only their teacher but also preschool staff administration and each other.

These connections provide the three essential ingredients for school and life success: (Adapted from Conscious Discipline Webpost on Wednesday, 8/23/16)

🌟 A willingness to learn:
Without willingness, each interaction becomes a power struggle instead of a learning opportunity. The School Family™ and Connected Family brings all children, especially the most difficult, to a place of willingness through a sense of belonging.

🌟 Impulse control:
Connection with others is the construct that literally wires the brain for impulse control. Disconnected children are disruptive and prone to aggressive or bullying behaviors. External reward/punishment systems cannot improve a child’s ability to self-regulate because they are not designed to teach new skills. The School Family™ uses connection to encourage impulse control while teaching self-regulation skills in context.

🌟 Attention:
Our attention system is sensitive to stress and becomes engaged with positive emotions. The School Family™ reduces stress while creating an atmosphere of caring, encouragement and meaningful contributions. These components are essential for children to develop and apply sustained attention.

Elements of our TFA Preschool School Family Greeting Include:

*Good Morning Song

*Greeting with each other and Miss Grayson (Ask your child to show you the butterfly, high 5 or Snowman)

*Breathing (Ask your child to model the STAR or balloon for you)

*Commitments (We talk about how we can be safe at school:  Looking eyes, Listening ears, Walking Feet, Kind Words, Gentle Touches).  We then together as a school COMMIT to being safe!

*Celebrations  We celebrate any special friends or staff who are celebrating a birthday or who might be a NEW Big Sister or Brother!  These are exciting times and we want to be able to celebrate with our friends!

*Prayer  We pray for our families, our friends, and our school

*School Family Song which incorporates the sign language sign for family (Ask your child, they can sing it to you!)

*Lastly, we go teacher to teacher and say, From My Heart to Your Heart, I wish you well.  The teachers feel loved and supported by each other and sets them up for success and ready to take on the day.

*We close by singing, Miss Grayson Wishes You Well, Miss Grayson wishes you well.  All through your day today, Miss Grayson wishes you well.

This time together not only provides a ritual and predictable routine that provides comfort and security to your child but it also helps to set up your child to be successful.  They leave feeling calm and regulated as well as knowing based on their commitments of Looking eyes, Listening ears, Walking Feet, Kind Words, Gentle Touches how they can be safe and help to keep others safe at school.

Wishing you well!!

Classroom Spotlight:  Miss Judy’s Infant Class



Judy working on playtime with Alexander

Tummy time is a must for sweet little friends

Our babies love to be outdoors on a walk every day


Happy Birthday to our Preschool  Friends During the Month of September:

9/7 – Shirley
Sadie Martinez- 9/2
Jaana Williams- 9/12
Nicole Booth- 9/12
Ella Lewis- 9/13
Kaden Oerther- 9/13
Bryce Pettiet- 9/18
Ellie Richart- 9/18
Noah Barits- 9/20
Jillian Hazzard- 9/23
William Hewett- 9/25
Eliza’Kim- 9/29

Welcome New Friends to Our School Family:

Welcome Emily