Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • September 1: US Chapel – Student Center, 9:40am
  • September 5: No School – Student/Teacher Holiday
  • September 8: US Chapel – Student Center, 9:40am
  • September 13: US Student Portraits – Gym, follow schedule posted outside Ms. Gooseman’s office
  • September 15: US Chapel – Student Center, 9:40am
  • September 19: Christian College Fair – Faith Hall, 6:00pm
  • September 20: Parent Association Uniform Resale – Student Center room 112, 7:30-9:30am
  • September 21: US Coffee with the Principal – Alumni Commons, 8:15am
  • September 21: US 12:15pm Dismissal
  • September 21: Parent/Teacher Conferences – as requested by parents or teachers
  • September 23: US Senior Lunch – Student Center, 12:50pm


12th Grade English Students

IMG_0002 IMG_0005

IMG_0007 IMG_0008

During their unit study of Beowulf in 12th grade English, Mrs. Penny’s students acted out King Hrothgar interviewing Beowulf for the job of killing the monster Grendel.


New Upper School Receptionist

Please help us welcome Lynouse “Lyn” Maxime, our new Upper School Receptionist. Lyn is a proud graduate from Florida State University and Kaplan University; she also has a son in TK here at The First Academy. We are excited to have her on our team.

Please direct all attendance emails to Lyn at

Parent Association Uniform Resale

The next uniform resale is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20 from 7:30am-9:30am in the First Baptist Orlando Student Center, room 112.

Important Update Regarding our Uniform Exchange Policy: The Parent Association sponsored uniform exchange ministry has been a tremendous blessing to our TFA family. Thank you for participating! Because students must wear Dennis Uniform pieces exclusively in 2017-18, Sunshine Uniform pieces will not be accepted for an exchange credit this year. We welcome donations of used Sunshine pieces, but cannot offer an exchange credit as these items will be phased out completely in 2017-18. We will, however, be offering normal exchange credits for Dennis Uniform pieces. This will help us increase our supply of Dennis Uniforms and enable us to continue our ministry. Thank you for supporting the uniform exchange.

Alternative Lunch

Thanks for your patience and support as we anticipate further inclement weather this week. Due to the likelihood of lightning alerts during lunch, we will be operating on an alternative lunch schedule the remainder of the week, August 31-September 2. We recommend packing lunches from home.

Faith Hall will provide an option for food to be delivered to the US building; students can purchase using their school ID. If your student has food allergies or sensitivities, please plan to send a lunch from home.

If we are not under a lightning alert at lunch time, seniors will be permitted to go off campus for lunch. In the event that we are under a lightning alert during our scheduled lunch time, seniors will remain on campus for lunch and should plan to bring a lunch or purchase the option from Faith Hall.

Parent/Teacher Conferences on September 21

On September 21, US students are dismissed at 12:15pm. This allows time for parents to meet with teachers in the afternoon. Conferences are only set up at the request of either the parent or the teacher; if you feel the need to meet with your student’s teachers, please reach out to them directly to schedule a meeting on September 21.


Upper School Severe Weather Dismissal Form

As a reminder, students are not permitted to leave at dismissal while we are under a lightning alert unless they have a form on file. Click here to download the form: US Severe Weather Dismissal Permission Form

This form is only sufficient for dismissal time (TVA, early dismissal seniors, early dismissal for an appointment or another reason with parent permission, and everyone else at normal dismissal time). If we are under lightning alert throughout the day, students will still be held in the building until the lightning alert clears.

Thanks for your understanding as we aim to keep our students safe.

Upcoming College Visits

University Representatives from all over the country will be traveling to TFA to visit our 11th and 12th-grade students starting this month! College visits will be posted on Naviance, and students must sign up in Family Connection in order to attend. Meetings will be held during Upper School lunch, and the representatives will give a presentation in a teacher’s classroom, then take the time to answer any questions from students. Juniors and Seniors, be sure to sign up! Please, note, students must bring their own lunch.

Upcoming visits: TFA Fall 2016 College Visits

Save the Date – Christian College Fair


Cafe on the Rock Student Ordering Schedule

US students can order from Cafe on the Rock according to the following schedule:

Monday: Seniors

Tuesday: Seniors

Wednesday: Juniors

Thursday: Sophomores

Friday: Freshmen

Students may not eat in the Cafe on the Rock area unless accompanied by an adult. Orders must be placed by 10am using this link: