Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • August 6: Chapel Band Auditions – Student Center – SIGN UP HERE
  • August 10: New Family Reception – Faith Hall Lakeside, 5:00pm
  • August 10: All Family Worship – Worship Center, 6:00pm
  • August 10: Meet the Teacher – US building, 7:00pm
  • August 12: First Day of School – US building, 7:50am
  • August 12: Boo Hoo Coffee (All Parents) – Library, 8:00am
  • August 12: Fall Theater Mandatory Parent Meeting – MS Black Box Theatre, 3:00pm
  • August 13: Senior Retreat Required Parent Meeting – Student Center, 7:30am
  • August 13: Senior Retreat Student Breakfast – Student Center, 8:00am
  • August 13-15: Senior Retreat – Hutchinson Island Marriott
  • August 17: Fall Sports Parent Meeting – Gym, 6:30pm
  • August 17-18: US Fall Play Auditions, 12 Angry Jurors – MS Black Box Theatre, 3:30pm
  • August 19: US Fall Play Callbacks, 12 Angry Jurors – MS Black Box Theatre, 3:30pm
  • August 20: MS/US Curriculum Night – US building, 6:00pm


Upper School Welcomes New Faculty & Staff

We’re excited to introduce our new team members. Please take a moment to welcome them to the Upper School.

Cheryl Bynum – MS/US Choir

David Herzig – Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Ashley Hoffman – 10th Grade English

Chad Hudson – World History, World Religions & Personal Finance

Ellen Stewart – US Receptionist

Deborah Wasylik – Biology & AP Environmental Science

Poppy Yan – Mandarin


Sapphires Begin Rehearsal for New School Year

Double-vision? Nope! It’s the TFA Royal Sapphires warming up for their 2015 season with NEW MIRRORS! Thanks to a generous parent donation, the dance program will once again have the proper equipment needed to practice their skill. Coach Leslie Scott and the Sapphires are committed to excellence and excited to grow as a team. #whyIloveTFA

Chapel Band Auditions

It is time again for Chapel Band auditions!  We will have 10 minute time slots for you to choose from on August 6th.  If we need more spaces, we will have a second day.  Please come prepared with a song to sing or play if you are using an instrument!  A drum set and keyboard will be provided.

DATE: Thursday, Aug. 6

LOCATION: Student Center at FBCO

Sign up here:



Our uniform provider is Dennis Uniforms. Items can purchased online or in store at 1101 N. Keller Road, Suite G-3 , Orlando, FL 32810. Students can purchase bottoms from other providers but they must be similar in style, color and length to Dennis Uniforms. PE uniforms can be purchased from the school store online or on campus, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:30am-12:00pm.