Can you imagine being like Joseph, a young man full of hope and promise? Instead of having the opportunity to pursue your dreams, you are thrown into prison, given little to no freedom and forced to live a life you never wanted. As we watch his story unfold in the book of Genesis, we find that God was not silent in the background, but writing a story Joseph could never have imagined. While he may not have seen it clearly, Joseph came to understand that God was working for his good each day of his life.

Did Joseph have a series of signs that pointed to how God was going to work out all of his circumstances so miraculously? Did Joseph have some sort of magic ball that showed him the clear path to becoming second-in-command over all of Egypt?

Most assuredly he did not. Joseph had to depend on his belief that God was in control and that He loved him more than he could ever imagine.

As we survey the cultural climate, we must continually remember that God’s in control and that He loves us perfectly. When the stock market is going up and down faster than a roller coaster, we believe God is not surprised. When our nation and our neighborhoods are more divided than united, we place our hope and trust in the Lord our God.

Trusting in God’s control does not guarantee a pass on difficulty nor does it guarantee our world will affirm and promote our deeply cherished values. A belief in God’s sovereignty provides a foundation that does not shake as we trust the “long-view” of God’s plan.

A lack of trust in God manifests itself most clearly in fear – fear of the future and fear of other people. This is a debilitating way to live. It affects the way we relate to our friends, family, and community. Where there is fear, there is often hate.

These are great days to ask ourselves some questions. Who do we need to see as an opportunity for love and service, rather than fear and hate?  Who have we kept a distance from for fear that somehow they might disrupt the rhythm of our lives?

In one of the most poignant verses in all of the Bible, Joseph illustrates how his confidence in God’s sovereignty enabled him to respond with grace and kindness. Even though Joseph experienced the worst of circumstances, his confidence in God’s control allowed him to say to his brothers, “Do not fear, am I in the place God wants me? As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

So, what can Joseph teach us about election results? First, God wants to use significant moments in our lives to bring glory to His name. Second, the responsibility of the Christ-follower is to trust God and live a life that is beyond reproach. Third, believers should live life with great expectancy. God always shows up at just the right time. That’s why we can say with confidence, “In God We Trust.”

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This blog has been adapted from In God We Trust: Five Anchor Points in Turbulent Times by Dr. Steve Whitaker and Matt McGee. This week, Upper School house groups will be discussing this topic with their teachers and classmates.