Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

Perhaps you are new to The First Academy, or maybe as a returning parent, you have never asked your child about our school year theme. Let me take a moment to share with you about this special school-wide initiative.

Each year a theme is chosen that is designed to help our school keep a laser-like focus on our spiritual formation goals for that year. The theme is engineered to help our teachers engage in dynamic discussions in the classroom and give us a guided framework for our chapel programming and community events. To help support this effort, our communication team develops theme posters to be displayed in each classroom, as well as carline and light pole banners.

It is always exciting to see how God uses our dedicated focus as a school community to grow our understanding of Him and what it means to be a closer follower of Jesus.

This year I felt a burden to give even more thought, prayer, and energy towards the selection of the theme. As I had conversations with family members, friends, moms, dads, and students I began to sense uncertainty surrounding the future of our country and our cultural climate. Perhaps this sense was heightened due to the upcoming presidential election, but my general takeaway was that there were a lot more questions than answers and more despair than hope.

I believe God is calling us to return to the basics, to spend a year focused on what is most important. To stop fretting over a potential political or cultural savior, but to take a closer look at the one true Savior. To remember that our God has not changed, He is still in control and sovereign over the universe, and our responsibility is to trust Him.

Our school year theme is In God We Trust. Philippians 3:20 is our school year verse and reminds us that our ultimate hope comes from heaven.

In the coming days, you will hear more about this theme, but I want to tell you about a special resource we will give each family. My colleague Matt McGee and I have written a book to coincide with this year’s theme entitled In God We Trust: 5 Anchor Points for Turbulent Times. Every TFA family will be receiving a copy at their homes within the next few weeks. It is our prayer that as you read this book, you will be provided with some helpful and practical steps to take as a family to turn your trust to your heavenly Father.

As we start another school year, I am reminded of what Psalm 20:7 says:“Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Despite what additional bad news may appear on CNN or FoxNews or what the political pundits might predict, let us be reminded that we serve a God who is powerful and loves us. And let us recommit to put our trust in Him. In God We Trust.