Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

The first few weeks of school have been a true blessing. Although much has changed in the wake of COVID-19, it has been amazing to see our campus come alive again with the laughter and love of our students and families. Students have embraced our new policies and procedures in regards to campus safety and wellness with ease and because of that, our TFA community remains strong and healthy. We want to say a special thanks to students on September 2, 3, and 4 – stay tuned for more details. I am truly grateful for the partnership between our students, teachers, and families as we navigate what school looks like in 2020-2021 together.

Each day I walk through campus and visit with our students in the classroom as well as our Hybrid learners on Zoom. I watch virtual chapel presentations being delivered to classrooms and I marvel at the resilience of our teachers. And Tricia and I pray daily for the continued protection and safety of our school community. We pray for our teachers, students, and parents. We pray for the staff who are charged with the very important job of ensuring that our cleaning protocols are followed and carried out. We pray for the COVID Response Team.

We pray for grace as we all work together to make each day as joyful and engaging as possible in this “new normal”. Will you commit to pray for TFA each day along with us?

Below, I have outlined some things that you can join us in praying for:

  1. Protection of students, administration, faculty, and staff against COVID-19
  2. Effective administration of in-person and Hybrid learning experiences
  3. Availability of substitute teachers
  4. Emotional and physical wellbeing among administrators, faculty, and staff
  5. Student safety and welfare
  6. An amazingly successful and meaningful school year – “The Greatest of These”
  7. Pray that we can stay focused on the power of the Gospel as the source of healing for the divisions within our nation

We have so many things to be grateful for, and we are so blessed. I am thankful for your prayers, your partnership, and your trust in The First Academy. I look forward to a wonderful school year ahead.