From TFA to the Naval Academy: The Assists that Led the Way

Kamron Summers, Class of 2020

With almost every major life change, The First Academy has found a way to support Kamron Summers.

When he left all his friends and his place on the safety patrol to come to TFA in the fifth grade.

When he struggled to find time for his faith as a freshman at the Naval Academy.

When he needed a place to work out and stay on top of his basketball training during college breaks.

“My mom started workingat The First Academy when I was in fifth grade, and I didn’t want to go,” said Kamron, who graduated from TFA, a private Christian school in Orlando, FL, in 2020. But he met one of his best friends on the very first day and quickly realized The First Academy was the right place for him. 

“You aren’t just a number at TFA. The teachers know your name. They know your family, and they know if you are having a good day or a down day. They are super loving and caring, and they are a cushion for you to land on.”

And a springboard for the future, in Kamron’s case.

He always knew he wanted to play basketball for a Division 1 school with high academics, and TFA helped him prepare — on and off the court.

“I had great coaches, and the expectation was that you would be working hard,” Kamron said. “The school did a good job for its athletes, too. We had collegiate-style buildings and exceptional trainers to prepare you for the next level.”

Then, the prestigious Naval Academy started to take notice. By the end of his junior year in high school, recruiters were visiting The First Academy and attending his games. The grades, the basketball skills, and the work ethic all added up. Now, he’s majoring in weapons, robotics, and control engineering while playing basketball and growing his relationship with Christ.

“I don’t know where I’d be without the Christian foundation from TFA,” Kamron said. “When you’re a college freshman, you’re out on your own for the first time. No one is taking you to church. It’s easy to go days or weeks without spending time with God because you’re busy.”

But his friends from TFA kept encouraging him. “They would ask, ‘Have you been in the Word lately? How can I pray for you?’”

And, just like in fifth grade, those friendships — with students and teachers — made all the difference.

When Kamron returns home on breaks, he still works out at TFA with Varsity Basketball Coach Chris Mayberry. “He has four kids, but he’ll come in early before school to work me out or stay later. And I know it’s not just me either. He does it for some of my friends, too.”

It’s also not just basketball.

“He’ll ask me about my mindset and about my walk with Christ,” Kamron said.

All of that support throughout the years plays into the kind of leader and Naval officer Kamron hopes to be.

Of the five aspirations TFA has for its students, Kamron focuses on being a devoted Christ follower, a committed servant leader, and a relentlessly hard worker.

“At the Naval Academy, we get taught a lot about the different types of leadership. The best type of leaders are the ones out there getting their hands dirty. The ones serving you,” he said. “And I learned at TFA that whatever you do, give it all your effort, regardless of the outcome. I learned that you glorify God by working hard.”

For a lot of families, sending their children to TFA is a sacrifice of money, time, and mileage, Kamron said. “But it’s worth it for the people you’ll be surrounded by and the opportunities you’ll have. I’m super grateful I’m from there.”

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