The First Hope Admissions

The First Hope is a special place for God’s exceptional children. We hope you’ll take some time to get acquainted with each program, then inquire below to schedule your tour date. The entire admissions process is broken down as follows:

Have a question? Great! Give The First Hope Office a call at: 407.206.8801.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Inquire – The First Hope Inquiry is a great way to learn more about the program. Start by completing the Admissions Inquiry Form. Upon receipt, The First Hope will place a call to answer any questions and when you are ready, schedule your tour date!

The First Hope: FBCO-KIDS 1
3000 South John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32805

Step 2: Tour – Book your tour date over the phone; it is necessary for all potential families to tour our facilities ensuring The First Hope is an ideal fit for your child! Upon completion of the tour, interested families are invited to officially apply.

Want to call us? 407.206.8801.

Step 3: Apply – Already toured? The First Hope encourages those who’ve toured to complete an application for enrollment. The online application must be completed and supplemental forms returned to The First Hope office. Each application includes a non-refundable Testing and Evaluation Fee of $200. Parents must create an account, then complete the application for their child.

Step 4: Evaluate – After completing the online application, The First Hope office will call to schedule an in-person testing and evaluation session for your child within 3 business days.

Step 5: Enroll – The First Hope will call the parents with evaluation results. Upon notification of acceptance into The First Hope, families are given the opportunity to enroll.

Evaluation Process

The Evaluation fee, paid with the application, covers Academics, Behavior and Social aspects of each child. After the payment is made, the First Hope Office will call to schedule an evaluation appointment. The Evaluation will be performed by a First Hope Teacher. After the results are reviewed by The First Hope, a meeting will be setup via phone or in-person to discuss the recommendations for grade placement and best program fit.

First Hope Tuition & Fees

The Family Empowerment Scholarship – Unique Abilities (Formerly the Gardiner Scholarship) is accepted at The First Hope of The First Academy. Please view The First Hope Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025 for tuition and fee-related information.

Health Care Professional Referral Program

Did you know that 80% of new families enroll at The First Hope of The First Academy due to a current First Hope family, teacher, staff member, or a healthcare professional recommending our school? The Admissions Department knows that a recommendation from you, their health care provider, carries much more credibility than any digital or print advertisement conveys and we would love to show our thanks!

The First Hope’s Health Care Professional Referral Program for Kindergarten-12 is a unique way to connect these students with a Christian-based special needs education program. Here’s how you can participate:

  • When a student successfully enrolls at The First Hope of The First Academy, the healthcare professional will receive a $250 thank you per child enrolled in Preschool-12th grade.
  • How do I get credit for a referral? The applicant must name you as their referring health care professional in the student application in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ section.
  • When do I get my referral reward? Referring health care professionals will receive the reward after the student completes the first nine weeks of school.

Together we can experience what makes The First Hope such a special place, and bring additional mission-appropriate families to share the excitement of our Christian-based alternative to special needs education.

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