Writing Center

We are excited to provide resources to strengthen writing at The First Academy. Sir Francis Bacon said, “Reading maketh a broad man, speaking a ready man, writing an exact man.” We aspire to graduate students who are skilled in all three areas.

Writing Center

Purpose: The Writing Center exists to improve writing instruction and writing performance. The Director of the Writing Center is available to support students and teachers during any of the writing and/or research processes during the school year. 

Process: Appointments can be made as needs arise throughout the curriculum (grammar, sentence structure, etc.) or for specific projects. Students, teachers, or parents can make an appointment for students online here. Once an appointment is scheduled, students are responsible for communicating with their teachers and making up any work they missed. Unless specifically discussed with Miss Whitaker, appointments are not available before school or during Recharge and lunch. The appointment typically lasts 20 minutes; if more time is required, please reach out to Miss Whitaker in advance. The Writing Center is located in the Boyd-Moline Library. 

Programs: This year, the Writing Center will host monthly sessions for Middle and Upper School students. Each month, a different topic will be addressed, such as APA formatting, finding opposition, and how to write with a biblical worldview in mind. The Senior Thesis Project is supported through The Writing Center. Copies of past award-winning Senior Thesis Projects are available for review. A comprehensive Christian Worldview Reading Collection is also available.

Form and Style: All classroom writing projects follow the APA Method. The Writing Center is a place where APA resources are available for students and teachers. The Director of The Writing Center is available for classroom instruction and individual tutoring in the APA Method. 

Classroom Support: The Writing Center exists to support students and teachers in becoming outstanding writers. Teachers can refer a student to the Writing Center if and when necessary. Additionally, the Director of the Writing Center can come into the classroom as needed during the research process. 


Amanda Whitaker University of Florida (BS), Florida State University (MS), Colson Fellow, TFA Class of 2012


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