Mr. David Oliver is known around The First Academy wearing multiple hats. He is the Upper School Anatomy Teacher, Head Coach of the Lacrosse team, as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. He’s also known for leading the CPR and Sports Medicine courses.

Prior to teaching, Coach Oliver owned his own physical therapy and sports medicine company. He had a lot of interaction rehabilitating high school athletes and conducting Central Florida Sports Medicine Student Camps. CoachOliverAfter entering a business relationship with The First Academy, Mr. Oliver found his passion and calling in teaching high school athletes. Eventually, Coach Oliver started the Lacrosse program at The First Academy and moved into a full time coaching and teaching position.

As a coach and teacher, Mr. Oliver stays in tune with his students, implementing different techniques to keep the class engaged. Coach Oliver refines his subject matter each year for a more practical and easy approach to learning. Lately, he’s introduced an iPad app called Kahoot! Students enjoy Kahoot’s effect of turning classroom work into a game show. Coach Oliver is able to use this technology to create quizzes in real time; using the iPad, students are awarded points for correct answers. Students remind him that his approach is a refreshing and stark contrast to the ‘by the book’ method. In his words, “my job is to turn kids on to Sports Medicine. ”

Coach Oliver has been a proud innovator with technology in his curriculum. He uses the airplay function with his MacBook and iPad as a medium to share with his students, helping them to see in ways not previously possible. Coach Oliver doesn’t stop in the classroom, he expands the use of airplay to his lacrosse team. You’ll often find Coach showing game footage. When on the field, Hudl is his favorite app. Coach Oliver uses Hudl to get game footage in real time. Afterwards, the footage is shared with the players for review and improvement. Coach Oliver and the students can compile the footage and send it off to recruiters abroad.

Mr. Oliver has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin. Before The First Academy, Mr. Oliver was also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Orlando Magic and the Team USA Basketball and Soccer teams. Its obvious when you talk to coach Oliver that he loves what he does, or in his own words “I don’t feel like I ever worked a day in my life.”