4 Social Media Trends Every Parent Should Know

"I check their social media accounts all the time! I've never seen anything offensive on their account." This is a statement often heard when talking to parents about safeguarding their students and social media. While we all try to keep up with new technology, many times, trouble starts with apps and usages parents don’t even know exist. Communicating in today’s society for teens is more about 'what you know' and 'when you knew it... Read More.

Improving College Success Rates

Does it provide a more flexible experience for the student? Absolutely, students who make use of this are more able to contribute to their own self-improvement and extracurricular activities. Does... Read More.

Photo Sharing with TFA

Did you know you have the ability to share your exciting The First Academy photos with us? Using our The First Academy app for iOS and Android you can share pictures right off your mobile... Read More.

Do you QR Code?

Do you code? Maybe you have seen this on a product.  On the label somewhere you will find a square black and white scanning code much like a bar code.  This little piece of marketing is called a QR... Read More.

Computer Science Misses…

Computer coding is the hot new topic to teach students in classes today. The education blogs, tech blogs, etc are all abuzz by the importance of teaching coding in the school classroom. The iPad and... Read More.

Reclaim Your Brain & Energy with F.lux

A few years back I attended a week-long technology conference here in Orlando. As technology conferences go, this one was incredibly intense. If you’ve never been to an “intense” technology... Read More.

Meet The First Academy App

Download for iOS | Download for Android *Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Required for Use When developing an app, we asked, "What engaging questions do parents ask of us on a frequent basis? How do families... Read More.

RenWeb: New Student Setup

Eventually every student at The First Academy utilizes RenWeb. Be it for homework, grades, attendance, lunch, etc. your son or daughter is bound to need it at some point. That's why we're here to help... Read More.

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