After Apple launched its Apple Teacher certification in Q4-2017, The First Academy Technology team challenged their teachers to become certified. By the end of 2017, The First Academy had certified more teachers than any other school in the nation, effectively certifying 93% of its educators.

What is a Certified Apple Teacher?

Certified Apple Teachers are teachers who have taken time to complete Apple’s educator course. They have completed a robust training on iPad and/or Mac with skills designed for student activities and learning. Apple Teachers are the first to know about education oriented Apple news and have access to any additional training steps.

What kind of things do Apple Teacher’s Learn?

Apple Teachers start by choosing a path to certify: iPad or Mac. Then interactive guides are provided on the following subjects: iMovie, Garageband, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and General Operating Skills. After reading the guides, users are required to put the knowledge together by answering skill questions. In general the training teaches you how to be more creative and productive with your lessons or student activities.

Which teachers are certified Apple Teachers?

Our school directory offers unique badges to faculty and staff alike who complete the Technology team challenges. The Apple Certified Teacher badge inserts an Apple Logo over the top right of the Staff Member’s portrait if they’ve completed the Apple Teacher certification.

Where do I go to become a certified Apple Teacher?

Good news, it’s free and you can do it from home! Visit the Apple Teacher Signup page and sign in with your Apple ID. Finish the certification? Forward the completion email to and we’ll add your Directory Badge