Before Apple’s recent launch of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), schools across the nation struggled to maintain management of iPads when it came time to move to the next version of iOS. The First Academy decided to reach out to Extreme Networks with the idea of securing device compliance before providing network access, making for a seamless and secure iOS upgrade.

The team at Extreme Networks worked with TFA’s System Administrator, Corey Radford, to test and secure 1200 devices across campus. Extreme’s hardware connected with environment specific Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to run a check of each device against the local database before providing aa device internet access. Devices who failed the check would redirect to the MDM enrollment page where users could follow the steps to enroll.

“Prior to the Extreme implementation, we had no way to assess device status and enforce compliance with our policies. Now if a valid profile is not installed, the device cannot use the network and I can sleep at night without having to worry about rogue devices threatening the security of our network. I have been working in IT for a long time and have never seen this level of control. Extreme’s networking solution is literally so simple that I can just click and deny a device from granting access until it is in full compliance,” said Corey.

When a campus expands beyond a few hundred devices, enforcing enrollment and securing devices manually can be a nightmare. Extreme Networks provides an excellent alternative to the Apple DEP, especially for devices that haven’t upgraded to iOS 7.1.2 or later. Interested in learning more? Check out the Extreme Networks Press Release on the web.

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