Select students from The First Academy’s 4th-6th grade ventured to the Florida Educator’s Technical Conference (FETC) to attend an iJournalism workshop where they learned how to professionally interview others using an iPad videography setup.

The workshop included a brief background on Mobile Journalism by David Basulto, CEO of iOgrapher, who specializes in iOS product development and research. Next, students learned how to shoot and edit high definition video from iMovie on an iPad. After the basics were achieved, the Poynter Institute, an award winning journalism training facility, stepped in and explained tips and tricks to maximize on the field editing efficiency.

Then students continued by learning how to ask their interviewees the right questions. Students broke out into groups and began team interviews. With their interviews complete, the kids started editing their own videos. Lastly, the students learned how to publish their work as a team.

During the workshop students utilized an iPad with a special case attached lens to film interviewees, and recorded audio with an auxillary cabled external microphone. Check out the video above to see how they did!