Michael has been a student at The First Academy since kindergarten and due to an extremely successful acting career, needed to move his schooling online. He decided to go full-time online with The Virtual Academy to maintain a consistent, college-preparatory, Christian education while focusing on his acting career. You may have seen him on his hit Netflix series Fuller House playing Jackson, or you could have bumped into him while he was touring Washington, D.C. on his eighth-grade field trip with his schoolmates. But, for those who have the opportunity to know him, he’s a humble and hard-working young man with the privilege of living his dream.

Michael from The Virtual AcademyWhen Michael is in Los Angeles filming the show, he spends part of his day working on set and on his online coursework. He uses any downtime between shooting to work on assignments and has figured out time management skills to remain a star student. He’s a jokester and tells me the best part of being an online student is not having to wake up at 6 am to make it to campus. His advice for students who want to follow in his footsteps and pursue their education online is to not procrastinate.
He says even though the grace teachers give is tempting, don’t do it. It will get you in a bind and when you want to do something fun, you’ll have to make up your missed work.
His parents tell me he’s a special kid who was born to act. He’s extremely social, loyal, and driven. He was never into sports, but always had a passion for expression which started early with print work. He always wanted to smile for the camera and said “cheese” since a young age. They describe him as always smiling and laughing, extremely compassionate, and having a heart for serving others. He visits children in the Arnold Palmer Cancer Center, attends charity events for Ronald McDonald House, and serves meals at Orlando Rescue Mission. He’s passionate about his martial arts and practices Krav Maga with his father. Most importantly, he is very strong in his faith and enjoys sharing his testimony with others.


His Bible teacher tells me Michael is such a thoughtful communicator and is so diligent with his work and has really embraced this online community and is willing to receive everything it has to offer and give back to it as well. She noticed his commitment to his education when he would stay after their online live lessons to examine issues related to Christianity and made it a point to express his gratitude for her time and care. She says, “his joy is contagious!”

Fun Facts about Michael:

Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 19:21
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Book: Maze Runner series
Favorite Vacation Spot: Big Pine Key, Florida Keys
Favorite Hobby: Paint balling with friends or playing video games

The Virtual Academy is thankful for the opportunity to serve Michael and provide him with the flexibility he requires to pursue his education and his God-given talent of acting. We know he’s going to be great at everything he sets his mind to because he’s not afraid of hard work and is consistent with his pursuit of excellence. We are encouraged by his love of Christ, serving others, and joy to share Jesus with the world. We know this young man is going to do big things for the Kingdom of Christ.

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