Please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you don’t want to miss for April.

April 14-16    Upper School Musical “Jane Eyre”
April 14        No MS Chapel
April 18        7th Grade Extended Educational Experience Sea World
April 18        8th Grade Physics Lab
April 19        MS/US Choir Concert  7pm-9pm Student Center
April 21        MS Chapel Faith Hall 9:30am- 7th Grade Student Led
April 26        MS/US Band Concert 7pm-8:30pm Faith Hall
April 28       MS Chapel Faith Hall 9:30 am- Pastor Jimmy Knott
April 28       MS Steel Drum Concert  6:30pm Alumni Commons
May    3        Rising 8th Grade Parent Meeting 3:25pm MS Room 246
May    5        Rising 7th Grade Parent Meeting 3:25pm MS Room 162

Thinks & Thoughts

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
-Corrie ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

New Team Member

Please welcome Erin Blackwell as the Upper School receptionist. Mrs. Blackwell will not only serve as the US receptionist but also as the attendance clerk for both the Upper and Middle School divisions. You may contact Mrs. Blackwell concerning your student being tardy or absent at (407)206-8630 or email her at erinblackwell@thefirstacademy.org


Last week was our third annual Science Discovery Day at TFA.  The 3rd graders had a blast discovering and engaging in specifically designed experiments that correlate with their science curriculum.  Students were fully immersed in a makeshift science museum with hands on experiments from dry ice bubbles, to how can putty be attracted to magnets, to just plain can you deduct which candy is hidden in this box based on its mass.   The eighth graders were so excited to be provided the opportunity to share their love for science and to show leadership and inspire the next generation of leaders.

 science1 science2 science3 science4 science5 science6 science7 science8 science9

 New Items

US Musical Jane Eyre

The Upper School Theatre Department proudly presents Jane Eyre, a dramatic musical with themes of forgiveness,courage,love and hope.  This show, based on the classic novel by Charlotte Bronte, was nominated for 5 Tony Awards and is sure to set your spirits soaring!  Tickets are on sale for $15 each and can be purchased at https://thefirstacademy.org/arts/upper/theater/.  The show runs April 7th-8th and 14th-16th at 7pm, with a student matinee on April 13th at 3pm.  Please direct any ticketing questions to cherylbynum@thefirstacademy.org.


7th Grade Educational Extension Experience

The 7th grade students will be embarking on a thrilling marine-based Educational Extension Experience (EEE) with their ECHO Teacher and staff members of The First Academy.

  •  The EEE will focus on Life Sciences.
  •  The EEE is scheduled for Monday, April 18th, during regularly scheduled school hours…the students will return to the TFA campus for dismissal at 3:10
  •  The students should bring money for lunch and snacks.
  •  The costs of travel and admission of this EEE were included in your child’s activity fee.
  •  We are looking forward to a day filled with hands on learning.  It will be a great extension of the Life Sciences classroom!

8th Grade Physics Lab

Students will be taking their science learning for a ride on Monday, April 18th.  The 8th graders will be using giant waterslides to calculate their speed and acceleration while soaking in the sun.  They will also be evaluating Newton’s law of motion and how they apply to this watery adventure.

8th Grade Celebration Chapel

8th Grade Celebration Chapel
May 19th
9:30am-10:30am Faith Hall

Celebration includes:
8th Grade Video
8th Grade Keynote Presentation
Performances by our Middle School Ensemble and Royal Steel
Middle School Teacher of the Year
Christian Leadership Awards: Timothy & Ruth
Student Government Recognition

New Uniform Item Available – Want to stand out from the crowd? Dress blazers are now available for all 6th-12th grade students (male & female). Step up your wardrobe game and come to school dressed to impress! Blazers can be purchased in person at the Dennis Uniform Store (1101 N. Keller Road, Suite G-3 , Orlando, FL 32810) or online here: http://www.dennisuniform.com/ONLStore/d-store-home.asp?pageitem=12&pagenumber=1&gn=2&sc=ETF&dis=20851816