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How many times have you wanted a personal guide to parenting? Parent University Logo - Character - Wisdom - Service - Participation
The First Academy created Parent University to help our families navigate this journey of parenthood.

Parent University provides courses to empower and equip parents with resources to raise children as Christian leaders. We invite you to join us as we grow and learn together from special speakers and group sessions.

Course Summaries

Courses cover a variety of topics and can be anywhere from one to twelve sessions. Most courses happen once or twice annually.

Digital Native Series

Director Matt Eggert
The Digital Native Series is a five part cumulative series that walks families through how their students interact and see technology, and how you can plan for it within your household.

  • Session I – Empathy: All to often as parents, we are problem solving, instead of dissecting and understanding the root problem (Media and the “New Moral Code” being marketed to your children. In order to be successful in Shepherding the Heart, we need to dissect what the enemy is planning and executing before we administer the solution.
  • Session II – Help and Why: We introduce the foundational concepts of being a Tech Wise Family and explore the consequences of “looking the other way” both psychologically and chemically in the brain.
  • Session III – Planning: Every great plan has either a mission statement and/or guiding principles to lead them to success. We explore defining these while building a “moral warehouse” for your children to understand the “why” we don’t do these behaviors with technology. In addition, we dissect the “Difficult Conversation” tool to use in your home with your child when you run into obstacles.
  • Session IV – Growing: After we have the guiding principles implemented for tech wise families, we now look for ways to better our lives as a family with technology. Creating family “habits” is essential for long term success and to keep the family strong at the core.
  • Session V – Future: Dissecting the research done by the Barna Group about the state of our nation and “The Porn Phenomenon.” How can we solidify our families so we don’t fall pray to these behaviors and what can we do if we’re too late.

Tech Wise Product Demos

Director Matt Eggert
As parents we know we need to be smart and savvy about our children’s use of technology. One of the biggest hurdles is knowing which tech products will assist parents in monitoring and limiting technology. Need help with this too? Join Matt Eggert and fellow tech wise parents as he provides demonstrations of technology products to help parents with your ‘tech wise’ needs.

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