Parent University

How many times have you wanted a personal guide to parenting? 
The First Academy created Parent University to help our families navigate the journey of parenthood.

Parent University provides courses to empower and equip parents with resources to raise children as Christian leaders. We invite you to join us as we grow and learn together from special speakers and group sessions.

2023-2024 Course Meetings

Courses cover a variety of topics for parents. See below for information on our 2023-2024 sessions.

THRIVE: Believe and Live, September 2023

In this pivotal moment in our culture, it’s vital for us to teach and mirror Biblical orthodoxy in your child’s development…setting their feet on firm, truth-filled foundations. It is equally important to nurture their ability to holistically experience the vibrancy of the Gospel…opening their eyes to the abundant life God intends for us in all arenas of their lives. We want to help you and your child grasp both the Life-changing truth of the Gospel and its Life-giving beauty.

Someone guiding us on this journey is Matt Heard, a dynamic communicator and authentic teacher with a passion for seeing people thrive. He delivered a powerful message on believing and living to thrive to our faculty and staff at our pre-planning in August. As a result of the overwhelming positive feedback from this session, we’ve asked if he would return to TFA to be with our parent community. For your child to thrive into adulthood in this languishing culture, we believe it’s crucial they learn the Orthodoxy AND the Vibrancy of the Gospel. As partners with you on this journey, we’re eager to provide this TFA Parent University experience. 

For more information on Matt Heard and his ministry, visit