Lower School Parents

Important information for those caring for our youngest Royals.

Parent Resources

The foundation for your Royal begins in the Lower School at The First Academy.

Jennifer Jackson

LS Principal

(407) 206-8610

Email Mrs. Jackson

Ardis Meloon

LS Assistant Principal

(407) 206-8612

Email Mrs. Meloon

Elaine Connell

LS Dean

(407) 206-8699

Email Mrs. Connell

Kerry-Ann Cole

Administrative Assistant

(407) 206-8610

Email Mrs. Cole

All Lower School Faculty & Staff

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Lower School Daily Schedule

  • KPrep (Room 106) 7:30 – 7:50am
  • TK-5 Hallway Supervision Begins 7:30am
  • Classroom Doors Open (K- Prep 4’s-5th) 7:50am
  • Tardy Bell (Grades K-Prep 4’s-5) 8:00am
  • Grades K-Prep 4’s-5th Dismissal 2:45pm
  • Grades K4-5th After Care available from 2:45 – 6:00pm*

*All students are picked up from After Care using the designated exterior side entrance to the After Care room. View more information on our After Care program.

View your Lower School student’s class information online via Family Portal.

Learn more about the Royal Eatery and lunch program.

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From Lower School Arts & Athletics to Field Trips, learn more about student life at the link below.

Lower School Student Life

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Everything parents and students need to know for the upcoming school year can be found here

Parent Resources

School Year Supplemental Reading

Summer Accelerated Reading Testing

IXL Summer Skill Boost Plans

*Students should work on the Summer Skill Boost Plan for the grade level they have just completed

Click here to learn more about The Academies, an all-encompassing after-school program that includes team sports and sports clinics, performing and fine arts classes, as well as enrichment classes for students ages Preschool through 5th Grade. The Academies is designed to offer students exposure to a wide variety of activities and experiences throughout their time in Lower School.

Learning Intentionally Enhanced

Learning-i.e. serves students at The First Academy in two distinct ways: enrichment classes for Lower School students who qualify as academically talented or gifted, and support services for students with documented disabilities in grades three through twelve.

Click here to learn more.