Meet The First Academy App

This FREE app is now available in the App Store (iPhone, iPad) or Google Play Store (Android) to all TFA Families. Parents can: In the EVENTS button, view all or divisional TFA Calendars View student schedule, homework, lesson plans, gradebook, etc. In the LUNCH button, order student lunch In the Royals Lion button, view Royally Reunity Guide In the FINANCIALS button, pay tuition, add funds to prepay accounts Students... Read More.

RenWeb: New Student Setup

Eventually every student at The First Academy utilizes RenWeb. Be it for homework, grades, attendance, lunch, etc. your son or daughter is bound to need it at some point. That's why we're here to help... Read More.

Robyn Sturgeon Teacher Spotlight

One of the most tasking responsibilities of a Christian school is to attract qualified, long term substitutes on short notice. Ask our Business Facilitator, he'll tell you, "there's no room for... Read More.

iJournalism Students at FETC

elect students from The First Academy's 4th-6th grade ventured to the Florida Educator's Technical Conference (FETC) to attend an iJournalism workshop where they learned how to professionally... Read More.

Using the Modern Web

Whether you know it or not, the web has its own war going on - many call it the Browser War. Each of the Web's browsers are competing for a piece of the pie, and one has seemingly emerged... Read More.

Upgrading to iOS 8

You've likely noticed the red notification on your iPad's Settings app reminding you to upgrade to the latest version of iOS. For some, this update comes as a relief; while for others, this seems like... Read More.

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