Dear Lower School Parents,

Are you ready?  We can’t wait to hear the laughter of students in our hallways!  We have ordered materials, painted and cleaned, and readied the rooms for another terrific year together.  We pray you are as excited as we are to be back.  We have a wonderful group of new families joining us for the first time, welcome if you are one of them.  God has blessed our enrollment to overflowing, for which we are very grateful.

As we get ready to begin, be sure to check out the Back To School Packet 2014-2015 for very important information.  There are a few changes as it relates to use of cell phones and other technology in the Lower School.  Also be aware of the new start and end times for K4 – 6th graders.  Your supply lists are also part of the packet and you are welcome to bring those items to your classrooms during Meet the Teacher on August 11th.  Please note that teachers will be meeting and working to prepare for the start of school prior to August 13th.  I would ask that you give teachers that opportunity to get things ready for the start of school.  While we are very excited to see you all again, the teachers’ preparation is valuable and important.  We ask that you refrain from coming to visit during this time.  Should you need to discuss information with your teacher(s) concerning your student(s) I ask that you please schedule a conference.

Included you will also find a pick-up car flow map.  We ask that you be sure to approach in the correct lane according to the grade level of your student.  Should you have students on both sides of the pick-up line, please use the lane where the youngest student is located.  For the safety of our students we ask that all parents use the drive up lanes to pick-up students, rather than parking and taking students from the drive-up lanes. We appreciate your compliance with this request.  Please note the procedure for families with students in the K4 – 2nd grades and 3rd – 6th grades dismissals as they are dismissed at different times.  This procedure is to help keep our younger ones safe as we close our school day.

Keep reading our weekly blog for more information and announcements.

See you soon,

Carol Grosshans

Afternoon Dismissal Map.(K4-2nd Grades) 2014-2015

Afternoon Dismissal Map (3rd-6th) 2014-2015



The following are the start and dismissal times for this school year:


(Tardy Bell 7:55AM)


K4-2nd Grades – 2:50PM (Wednesdays 2:10PM)

If you have students in older grades (K4-2nd) students will be held in the building until 3:10PM (2:35PM  on Wednesday) younger students will be paired with older students.

3rd-6th Grades – 3:10PM (Wednesdays 2:35PM)




Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars.  The following are some important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Monday, August 11th – New Family Reception (Faith Hall Lakeside) 5:00PM
  • Monday, August 11th – All Family Worship (Worship Center) 6:00PM
  • Monday, August 11th – Meet the Teacher (Classrooms) 7:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 13th – First Day of School
  • Wednesday, August 13th – Boo Hoo Coffee (Library) 8:00AM
  • Tuesday, August 19th – LS Curriculum Night (Classrooms) Two Sessions –  6:30PM & 7:30PM
  • Thursday, August 28th – Family Expo Night (Location: TBA) 6:30-9:00PM



The “Back-To-School Packet” is a wonderful source of important information.  This information will assist you to help your child(ren) successfully begin the new school year.  Please CLICK HERE to read the “Back-To-School Packet”.


Plaid shorts are available to LS students from Dennis Uniforms.  You may also purchase shorts from other retailers, solid colors only – navy blue, black or khaki.  No cargo shorts please.


The First Academy is striving to become an Apple Distinguished School, a learning environment that includes the use of technology to support teaching and extend learning in our classrooms. With this in mind, we have set new guidelines concerning the use of personal technology while on our campus. While many of our students have cell phones, these devices will not be used during the school day. Students will be required to have their phones turned off in order to preserve the learning environment. Phones that are seen or heard during the school day hours will be taken from the student and held in the Lower School Office where they will be returned to a parent or other adult designated by the parent. If you need to contact your child(ren), please be aware they will only be allowed to turn phones on at dismissal each day. Should you have an emergency, please call the Lower School Receptionist at (407) 206-8610.

Within the classroom experience, students have a number of available technologies for their use. However, some students may wish to use their own devices rather than utilizing the technologies provided. If you desire for your student to have a personal device, it must meet the following criteria for it to be used in our Lower School:

  • Devices that may be used are iPad mini, iPad or MacBook. Cell phones will not be allowed for use as a reading device
  • Devices must be set up through our school technology department. This means that when a student is using their device on our campus, they will be connected to our school system and subject to the school’s filter and monitoring system. Teachers will be provided with a list of these student devices, and only those devices will be allowed for usage. Included in the packet you will find information regarding our technology services and set-up.
  • Devices that do not meet these criteria will be taken and held in the Lower School Office for a parent or other adult designated by the parent to retrieve.
  • Continued infractions may result in loss of technology use privileges.



If your child has a need for daily medications (inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) Mrs. Fana will be available in the clinic  on Monday, August 11th during Meet the Teacher for medication drop off and completing new paperwork.



A listing of the school supplies is available in the Back to School Packet; students may bring in school supplies at Meet the Teacher.  6th Grade students may also set up their lockers at Meet the Teacher.



Students may set-up their lockers after All School Worship during Meet the Teacher.  All students must supply their own combination dial lock  (numbered locks only, no letters or keyed locks).  Students may not apply stickers, mirrors etc. to locker doors  (magnets may be used on the inside only).



Schedules and class assignments will be available through renweb on Monday, August 11th.  Please contact Jill Cape at if you do not have a renweb login.



K4-6th grade students are in for a treat, we will have a Back-To-School Pep Rally on Thursday, August 14th in the Gym.  Students, get ready for a wonderful surprise!



6th grade students will meet in the Student Center (SC) for an All Day Retreat & Team Building on Monday, August 18th.  This will be a time of fun and fellowship.  Stay tuned for further information.



The TFA Calendar is a wonderful way of finding the dates of upcoming events.  Please click on our calendar page to access the TFA Calendar on our website.



To work in your child’s classroom or attend field trips all parents MUST have a completed background check.  Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the background check to clear.  Please click HERE to submit your information for a free background check.


Did you know that prospective families can text the letters TFA to 292929 and Admissions will call them? Thank you for sharing why you love TFA and helping us connect with future Royals!