Volunteer – It’s Important!

Join us on Thursday, August 19 at 8:15am for the Parent Association Welcome Breakfast. RSVP online here and come out to learn more about how you can be involved with our Parent Association as well as our Athletics and Fine Arts Departments.

Like any community, our school is strengthened by the involvement of its families.

Our goal at The First Academy of Orlando, Florida, is for all parents to be actively participating in school activities in some capacity. We offer many volunteer opportunities and are confident that there is something that will appeal to you. From assisting with the spring musical, helping plan the Golf and Gala events, or partnering with teachers to accomplish their many tasks, there are abundant ways for parents, grandparents, and alumni to be an integral part of life at The First Academy.

Parents may choose to hold office in the Parent Association (PA), an organization that supports campus activities, or join the TFA Royal Booster Association, the Fine Arts and Media Council, or the Friends of the Library – all valuable programs that are important to the students and faculty of The First Academy.

By volunteering and becoming actively involved at The First Academy, parents and grandparents alike can more fully share the TFA school experience with their child or grandchild. Another benefit is the outstanding example of community service and commitment that volunteering provides for our students.

Whatever your interest or talent, you can make a difference at The First Academy of Orlando!

Volunteer Background Screening Instructions

Thank you for showing interest in the volunteer efforts happening at The First Academy of Orlando. We are so grateful for the investment of your time and talents to our student body. We know that through a team effort we can accomplish great things. The faculty and staff of The First Academy of Orlando sincerely appreciate you!

In order to help insure the safety and security of our students, all volunteers at The First Academy must undergo a background screening. Please follow the directions below to complete the background screening process.

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Computer. Safari and Chrome are not supported by CandidateLink.
  2. Navigate to: http://www.candidatelink.com/thefirstacademy
  3. Click “Register Now” to start the process. You may save your work and complete it at a later time if necessary.

International Volunteer Screening Instructions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at The First Academy. In order to provide a safe environment for our students, all volunteers are required to complete a background screening. The following instructions are for our families who do not have a United States Identification for the purposes of a background check.

Bring the following information to the Human Resources Office in the Lower School Building:

  1. A signed Investigative Consumer Report Release (PDF)
  2. A Valid ID with Full Name, Address and Date of Birth
  3. An International Passport

Parents whose background screening is approved are added to the current documents for teacher reference.

Get Involved!

Parent Association

The First Academy’s Parent Association serves as a volunteer organization to promote the mission of the school, to support the teachers and staff, to champion the cause of learning for our children, to strengthen parent/school communication within each division, to nurture through an active prayer ministry, and to carry out other duties designated by the leadership team. PA is made up of committees of volunteers who serve the various areas mentioned above. Each committee is represented by a director who oversees volunteers in carrying out responsibilities.

Committee directors make up the PA leadership organization that meets regularly with the school principal. The meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. Minutes from all meetings are submitted to the division principal the week following the meeting and are available for reading. Individual committees meet as needs arise.

Opportunities include:

Sign up for any of these and more on the Parent Association page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement  at advancement@thefirstacademy.org.

Fine Arts Network (FAN)

The purpose of the Fine Arts Network is to support the Arts and Media programs through volunteering time and talents, sharing of ideas, and giving of financial resources. These efforts will enhance the experience of every student who, at some point in his/her TFA career, will be a part of these programs. FAN works closely with the Fine Arts and Media departments to ensure the needs for exceptional programs are met. For more information please email FAN@thefirstacademy.org.

Royals Athletic Booster Association

The purpose of the Royals Boosters is to support The First Academy’s athletic program through fundraising efforts and volunteer service. The Booster Club works in close conjunction with the Athletic Office to ensure that the needs of the athletic programs at The First Academy are met.

Have more questions? Contact the Booster Association at (407) 206-8634 or visit the Boosters page.

Friends of the Library

The heart of any campus is the Library/Media Center. The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers who support and help provide for the needs of The First Academy library. This group organizes and facilitates book sales and other fundraisers, and works closely with the English department and the library staff to encourage habits of life-long learning through reading.

Please contact the Library Director, at (407) 206-8650 for more information.